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2much Anti-Fraud Beta Nabs Thief

(Montreal) April 6, 2005 - While only in beta testing stage, the anti-fraud system 2much.net had been developing has already produced results, leading to a first arrest.

In one case, a University of Minnesota, Wisconsin, student allegedly stole frat-mates credit cards and engaged chat hostess Tawnee from LiveCamNetwork.com and several others in private video sex chat.

The credit card holders we are unavailable for comment, but were said to be unamused.

In another case, several chat-studio performers we are partnering with an unknown credit card thief who would then "wash" hundreds of dollars through certain web sites by taking the ladies to pay-chat, turning stolen credit into hard cash through paycheques. More arrests are expected in the near future, though no further details are available.

Live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com serves as the testing ground for the software and services 2much.net develops for its growing network of streaming video chat sites. AHMAD, the system responsible for catching the fraudster, was developed following a recent spate of false credit card submissions.

AHMAD, the Automated Human-Monitored Anti-fraud & Detection system, is programmed to flag transactions it detects as potentially fraudulent, while simultaneously allowing a human operator to review these and other transactions.

"Normally this kind of fraud would have gone undetected," said 2much president Mark Prince. "And would result in a chargeback once the cardholders noticed the charges on their statments a month later


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