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Chatting is a technology through which two persons sitting at a long distance come what might at the two ends of the world, may talk to each other, either in the form of writing and reading or through speaking and listening (voice chat).

Almost every body knows that there could be anyone (an unknown) on the other end, but still people are engaged in chatting. Some all the people chat for entertainment, some chat for killing time or pastime, some chat for building friends, some chat for inquiring welfare about their relatives, some to acquire understanding and data and many more. There are a number of chat rooms, which provide the facility to connect the people around the world instantly. Some of most common are MSN, YAHOO, MIRC etc. At these chat rooms, one can share his/her feelings with the other many people , generate them friends, have fun, can get some relax and may do a lot of more things.

Nowadays almost 70-80% boys and girls are wasting their measure in chatting over Internet. Even I (the writer of this article) am also included among these 80% and it is considered that no positive use of this modern technology is being exercised. As every thing has some advantages as well as disadvantages, chatting through Internet has also some advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, one advantage is for those relatives or friends who are living abroad. They might remain in touch with their families and associates and can talk to them instantly. It is useful for those parents whose children are abroad for studying or some other purposes. They become satisfied after talking to their children. There exists another kind of friendship and that is friendship over Internet. People also get some know-how of their Internet friends through the chatting technology. I took a big advantage of this technology when my teacher gave me an assignment to understand about the culture of two individuals through the chatting. The Internet chatting helped me superbly. There are a lot of more advantages of chatting.

It has been a long measure since I am reading stories about Internet chatting. Specially every Sunday in weekly SUNDAY MAGAZINE of Daily Jang, there is a page for these kinds of stories. Every week almost 3 to 5 stories are published continuously. And interesting thing is that majority of them have unique theme. Some tell about their tragedies, some tell about their love, some tell about the acquired skill of making fun with friends, some tell about the experience of creating new friends and losing friends, some try to betray and deceive the others but are trapped themselves.

The biggest disadvantage of chatting, in my opinion is the wastage of measure . And majority of users do chatting for just pastime or cheating others.

Pakistani government is trying to minimize the wrong usage of the Internet technology including chatting and browsing but it seems that it is impossible to do that. Our majority youth has wedged in these kinds of wastages. Our youth have to realize that the future belongs to us. If we get engaged ourselves in these sorts of aimless things then what will be the future of PAKISTAN? May God bless Pakistan and Pakistani nation especially the youths

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