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LiveCamNetwork Nets XBiz Nomination

(Cyberspace) October 11, 2005 - Live video chat page LiveCamNetwork and video chat platform LiveCamNetwork 1.9 have been nominated for an XBizAward for best Live Feed Provider.

This is the second time LiveCamNetwork has been nominated for an award since the release of LiveCamNetwork 1.9., the video streaming and billing solution created by 2much.net less than two months ago.

"Live video is an odd, uncommon niche in adult," said 2Much founder Mark Prince. "But its growing fast, especially since it was announced that DSL utilize is over the fifty percent bar."

2much.net, which recently demonstrated a high definition, widescreen live video stream, has been in business since 1998, making video chat sites inspired by its initial flagship page LiveCamNetwork.com. Theyve built over 50 sites, 80% of these since LiveCamNetwork 1.9 was launched in November 2003.

"The truth is that our success is due in large part to the quality of our chat hostesses, as much as the technology," said Prince. "Luna, our LiveCamNetwork studio manager, is responsible for training the chat girls in basic sales techniques that have increased sales in the last year by 600


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