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LiveCamNetwork.com Breaks Down The Walls

(Toronto) September 19, 2004 - LiveCamNetwork.com, 2004 BAA nominee live video chat site, announced it is expanding its roster of superlative chat hostesses and adding studios to accomodate a full schedule.

The walls are being taken down between the adjoining loft space and LiveCamNetwork Studios to build new, fully equipped studios. Part of the reason for the investment, says 2much.net president Mark Prince, is quality.

2much.net, whose flagship site is LiveCamNetwork.com, creates adult video chat sites that feature not only full audio and video streaming feeds but a ready-made, instantly available live-content database.

"We want to improve the quality of the MBase by introducing what we consider to be quality chat hostesses," he said. "Right now, anyone and all the people may sign up with one of our sites and chat. But pretty soon were going to be acquiring more selective. The only performers available on MBase will be those who do things right."

Doing things right means grasping their chat hostesses to talk and respond with their chat room visitors without hiding their faces or turning off the sound.

"Interactive video chat means just that. Chat, live, video and audio, see and hear," said Greg Jones, 2much.net Media and Communications. "So basically these models who do not want to be involved in their work or show disrespect and contempt for the visitor to their chat room by ignoring him, not talking or showing a weird angle of her left shoulder and keyboard, were not going to share into the MBase."

Many chat hostesses tend to log onto different chat systems in an effort to maximize their profits. "The result of this, of course, is your models will ignore one page for another" said Sidney Zombay of iSN News (www.internetsexnetwork.com), a page which specializes in news about the live video chat sector. "You cant divide your time like that."

According to technicians at both sites, video streaming at 2-4 frames per second on several different sites at once might slow down a stream even further. "Actually, it may basically freeze the video," said Chili Concarne of LiveCamNetwork.com. "And with a fast stream like ours [LiveCamNetwork.com streams out to users at 15 fps] that means we lose quality and speed. We look just like any other page out there."

"We just will not tolerate that low quality anymore," said Geena Gekko, of WallStreetGals.com. "Firstly it makes us look bad, and secondly it drags us down to a lowest common denominator level."

Jones claims 2much.net sites are striving to bring live video chat into its own. "We are basically fighting the general state of the art to try and sell the actual state of the art," he says. "The technology is there. We just want models and webmasters to realize how dazzling their stream might be."

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